Giant Chupa Chup Lolly

This giant chupa chup lolly weighs in at over 750g and has a 32cm diameter! At 75 times larger than a regular chupa chup this giant lolly will keep you slurping away for ages! Including the giant stick (of course, you cant have a giant chupa chup lolly without a giant stick!) this lolly measures over 36cm in length!

As the lolly is made by the same company as the original “miniature” lollys, it looks and tastes just like an original lolly – just plenty more of it! Even the wrapper is an exact replica of those which are used on the smaller chupa chups!

While this might not last quite as long as Willy Wonkas every lasting gob stoppers, it will certainly last you a long time! Infact, the giant chupa chup lolly is so big that it wouldnt even fit in your mouth! This one is going to take a lot of licking!

If you dont think you can stomach this giant treat in one go, why not walk around with it pretending that you’ve shrunk in a “honey I shrunk my kids” type of fashion!

Dimensions: Measures 36cm(H) x 32cm(Dia). Weighs 750g.

Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, colour (e-162)/artificial colour (beetroot red), flavouring

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