Giant Cupcake Tin

Cupcakes are amazing! Nobody can resist a cupcake! However there is a downside to cupcakes – they are just too small! One is never enough. So what’s the solution? A giant cupcake tin! This giant tin creates a perfectly proportioned giant cupcake! No matter what it is we always want giant versions of small things and miniature versions of giant things!

The giant cupcake is perfect for pretty much every occasion. Whether its a birthday, Christmas or even as a wedding cake! Not only will it look and taste great but it will also create a unique and original centre piece to any table. The giant cupcake has an 18cm diameter!

Giant Cupcake Tin instructions

How to use the giant cupcake tin Using the giant cupcake tin really couldn’t be easier. Simply fill both sides of the giant cupcake tine with your cake mix and put it in the oven until its cooked. Once its cooked simply turn it out and leave it to cool. Once it has cooled down use a thin layer of icing to fix the top layer to the bottom layer.

Now you have a giant cupcake ready for you to decorate in any way that you want. Get creative and add some extra sweets to the top of the cupcake! Now its ready to eat!

Once your friends and family see the results of your giant cupcake tin they will all be asking to borrow it or want to know where you bought it from so that they can buy their own giant cupcake tin!

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