Giant Jelly Baby Mould

Giant Jelly Baby Mould Everyone loves jelly babies, however the biggest problem is that they aren’t very big! Why do these cute little babies need to be so small? With this giant jelly baby mould you can now recreate your very own super size jelly baby! Imagine the children’s face when they see this giant baby sitting in the middle of the table! This super size treat doesn’t need to be limited to just children though, any adult that enjoyed jelly babies as a child will instantly be taken back to their childhood with this massive jelly mould.

The giant baby jelly mould creates a huge jelly measuring 26cm long and a huge 8cm deep, creating the biggest baby jelly that you will have ever seen.

It is simple to use, just like any other jelly mould. Just pour in two packs of your favourite flavour jelly and then put it in the fridge until it sets and job done! After a couple of hours you will have your very own wobbly jelly baby!

The only downside is that the giant baby jelly mould is not suitable for dishwashers so you will need to wash it by hand each time!

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