Gummy Shot Glasses

Gummy Shots! Why wash up after a shot of juice or alcohol? With these fantastic gummy shot glasses, you can drink and eat all at the same time! Made from the same delicious gummy material as the usual giant gummy bears, these are perfectly edible.

These glasses hold a usual 30ml of liquid; perfect for those single measures of apple flavoured shot drink before a night out (not that we advocate drinking of course!). These are capable of being reused a couple of times (in an evening of course, rather than over a few days!), but aren’t suitable for being washed up and used at your next party!

Available in 2 different flavour sets: orange, cherry and blue raspberry, or lemon, lime and cola.

Hot Gummy Bears

Habanero infused hot gummi bears. These extra hot chilli gummy bears are certainly a little different to your usual gummy bears. With habanero chillis used to give these little bears their kick, you probably should avoid eating them all at once!

Habanero Gummi Bears

  • Weight approx 250g
  • Contains Glucose syrup, sugar, water, gelatine, citric acid, habanero, chilli, fruit concentrate (grape, apple, apricots), flavourings, coating agent: vegetable oil, bees wax (E901)

Colossal Gummy Bear

Weighing in at a whopping 1,179g, the colossal gummi bear really is one of the largest gummy bears you can buy. It is 7,280 times larger than a normal every day gummy bear, and even 5 times larger than our giant gummy bears.

Standing 17″ tall, the bear contains a staggering 32,000 calories – 16 days of an average woman’s recommended daily intake! Don’t eat it all at once, for your sake and ours.

Colossal Gummy Bear information

  • 265 Snack Sized Servings
  • 32,000 calories (approximately!)
  • Fill it’s ‘bowl belly’ up with sweets, crisps, alcohol, punch – bowl
  • 1 Litre Capacity
  • Measures 43cm(L) x 25.4cm(W) x 14cm(D)
  • Weighs approximately 11.79kg
  • Gluten free

Gummy Bear Lamp

Who says that Giant Gummi Bears are just for eating? We sure don’t! With this fantastic LED lamp, you can use your Gummy Bear to light up your room or office. Simply squeeze it’s tummy to make the LEDs in the base light up, giving it a very jelly like glow.

Standing a whopping 17cm tall (pretty tall for a gummy bear!), these lamps will cast jellified light across your whole room. They even look good enough to eat!

The lamp can run for 20 hours from 2 AA batteries, or it can be plugged in with the included USB cable.

Gummy Lamp information

  • Dimensions: 7″ x 3.5″ x 3.5″
  • Squeezable tummy switch
  • 1 hour sleep timer
  • Long-lasting LED bulbs
  • Powered via 2 AA batteries (Batteries not included)
  • USB to 5V DC cable included for USB power (5 feet long)
  • Wall mountable (no fixings are included)

Giant Chupa Chup Lolly

This giant chupa chup lolly weighs in at over 750g and has a 32cm diameter! At 75 times larger than a regular chupa chup this giant lolly will keep you slurping away for ages! Including the giant stick (of course, you cant have a giant chupa chup lolly without a giant stick!) this lolly measures over 36cm in length!

As the lolly is made by the same company as the original “miniature” lollys, it looks and tastes just like an original lolly – just plenty more of it! Even the wrapper is an exact replica of those which are used on the smaller chupa chups!

While this might not last quite as long as Willy Wonkas every lasting gob stoppers, it will certainly last you a long time! Infact, the giant chupa chup lolly is so big that it wouldnt even fit in your mouth! This one is going to take a lot of licking!

If you dont think you can stomach this giant treat in one go, why not walk around with it pretending that you’ve shrunk in a “honey I shrunk my kids” type of fashion!

Dimensions: Measures 36cm(H) x 32cm(Dia). Weighs 750g.

Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, colour (e-162)/artificial colour (beetroot red), flavouring

Giant Cupcake Tin

Cupcakes are amazing! Nobody can resist a cupcake! However there is a downside to cupcakes – they are just too small! One is never enough. So what’s the solution? A giant cupcake tin! This giant tin creates a perfectly proportioned giant cupcake! No matter what it is we always want giant versions of small things and miniature versions of giant things!

The giant cupcake is perfect for pretty much every occasion. Whether its a birthday, Christmas or even as a wedding cake! Not only will it look and taste great but it will also create a unique and original centre piece to any table. The giant cupcake has an 18cm diameter!

Giant Cupcake Tin instructions

How to use the giant cupcake tin Using the giant cupcake tin really couldn’t be easier. Simply fill both sides of the giant cupcake tine with your cake mix and put it in the oven until its cooked. Once its cooked simply turn it out and leave it to cool. Once it has cooled down use a thin layer of icing to fix the top layer to the bottom layer.

Now you have a giant cupcake ready for you to decorate in any way that you want. Get creative and add some extra sweets to the top of the cupcake! Now its ready to eat!

Once your friends and family see the results of your giant cupcake tin they will all be asking to borrow it or want to know where you bought it from so that they can buy their own giant cupcake tin!

Giant Jelly Baby Mould

Giant Jelly Baby Mould Everyone loves jelly babies, however the biggest problem is that they aren’t very big! Why do these cute little babies need to be so small? With this giant jelly baby mould you can now recreate your very own super size jelly baby! Imagine the children’s face when they see this giant baby sitting in the middle of the table! This super size treat doesn’t need to be limited to just children though, any adult that enjoyed jelly babies as a child will instantly be taken back to their childhood with this massive jelly mould.

The giant baby jelly mould creates a huge jelly measuring 26cm long and a huge 8cm deep, creating the biggest baby jelly that you will have ever seen.

It is simple to use, just like any other jelly mould. Just pour in two packs of your favourite flavour jelly and then put it in the fridge until it sets and job done! After a couple of hours you will have your very own wobbly jelly baby!

The only downside is that the giant baby jelly mould is not suitable for dishwashers so you will need to wash it by hand each time!

Giant Gummy Worm

If the giant gummy bear isn’t quite what you are looking for then how about a giant gummy worm instead? Measuring over 65cm long and weighing a huge 1.36kg this worm is more of a snake than a worm you would find in the garden.

The massive multicoloured giant gummy worms weigh in it 4000 calories and have you chomping away on the gummy treat for days on end.

Each of these giant gummy worms is 128 times larger than a standard sized gummy worm and is handmade in the USA. The ribbed giant worm has a massive 5 inch girth – a bit of a mouthful and definitely more than a bite size treat!

This record breaking sweet is available in a range of 4 single flavours; Green Apple, Blue Raspberry, Cherry and Orange. It is also now available in 4 different flavour combinations; Cherry & Blue Raspberry, Cherry & Green Apple, Cola & Cherry and Orange & Blue Raspberry.

Each of the giant gummy worms has a 12 month shelf life so it will keep you munching for months to come! Just make sure that nobody else gets to it before you – remember, it is the early bird that catches the worm!

Giant Gummy Worm Information

  • 4,000 Calories. Weight: 1.36kg. Dimensions: 66cm x 4cm x 4cm (L x H x D)
  • The giant gummy worm contains gelatine from a beef source and is gluten-free.
  • Ingredients: Corn syrup, gelatine, carnuba wax, vegetable oil, sorbitol (E420), sugar, flavourings, colours.
  • Giant gummy worm nutritional information per 100g: Energy: 502 kj/ 120 kcal, Protein: 2g, Carbs: 29g, Fat: 0g

Gummy Bear on a Stick

If the thought of the giant gummy bear seems a little too daunting for you, how about the giant gummy bear on a stick! This gummy bear is tiny in comparison to its bigger brother, but still looks giant when compared to a standard gummy bear.

At nearly 90 times bigger than a standard gummy bear and weighing 250g, this mouth watering giant gummy bear on a stick will be sure to keep you munching away for a few days! The stick also makes it easier for you to eat without getting all messy!

Available in 3 different flavours: Blue Raspberry, Cherry and Cola.

Gummy Bear on a Stick information

  • Dimensions: 12cm x 6cm x 5cm (H x W x D). Height including stick: 19cm
  • Weight: 255g
  • Please Note: The Giant Gummy Bear on a stick contains gelatine from a beef source and are gluten-free. Recommended serving size is 40g.
  • Ingredients: Corn syrup, gelatine, carnuba wax, vegetable oil, sorbitol (E420), sugar, flavourings, colours.
  • Amounts per 100g: Energy: 602 kj/ 120 kcal, Protein: 2g, Carbs: 29g, Fat: 0g

Giant Gummy Bear

Giant Gummy Bear

We all know the problem.

You buy a bag of gummy bears as a treat, but before you know it you have opened the bag and they are all gone! You can’t really blame yourself though can you, they are tiny! So what is the solution? Make a giant gummy bear! That’s right, the crazy confectioners have now created a huge version of our favourite.

The giant gummy bear measures a massive 24cm tall and weighs a whopping 2kg! Obviously all this chewy goodness isn’t going to come lightly containing 6120 calories in total. After all this giant gummy bear is the same as eating over 1,400 regular gummy bears!

What does it taste of you ask? Well there are four fruity flavours for you to choose from; Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Cola and Orange. It’s really like something out of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!

This mighty mouthful is big enough for even the sweetest toothed of people, containing an amazing 19 portions (yeah, right!) – enough giant gummy bear to last anyone a few weeks, or if you are really in the mood for it, you could demolish it all in one go!

If you are able to hold yourself back from eating the tasty giant gummy bear yourself, then it makes an incredible gift for those that are normally a little more difficult to buy for. The hardest thing will be knowing what flavour you should buy them – and then holding yourself back from eating it when it’s delivered!

Each of the amazing giant gummy bears is handmade just for you in the USA and then shipped over to the UK. Each Giant Gummy Bear has a long shelf life so you do not have to worry about scoffing the whole thing down in one go.

What are you waiting for? Check them out today!